How can I get in touch with my community association, board or manager?

If you live within a community that we manage, you can submit a request on our Contact Us page and we will respond promptly! You can also contact them via phone (Cincinnati Office 513-528-3990 or Kentucky Office 859-534-0900)

How do I report a maintenance problem or concern?

You can report a maintenance problem 24/7/365 by visiting your community portal/website or by clicking Maintenance Request under the Owner Resources tab. Another option is to use the Contact Us page to submit your concern via the website in just a few clicks. We are also available to assist you by phone at one of our offices (Cincinnati Office 513-528-3990 or Kentucky Office 859-534-0900). When reporting an issue, it is always helpful to be as specific as possible on the location and the problem you are observing so we can get it addressed in a timely manner!

How do I submit an architectural review application to my community?

You can visit your community portal/website to submit an improvement application. Alternatively, you can download the improvement application form by clicking Forms under the Owner Resources tab. It is important to submit the completed form, a plot map with the planned installation marked upon the map as well as any available information regarding your installation (i.e., vendor estimate, building material information, etc.).