Comprehensive Property Management Services

Stonegate’s commitment is to provide full service management to the communities that we service.  We utilize our robust technology platforms along with our partnerships in the industry to offer our clients a convenient and exceptional experience.  Stonegate’s management team has established careers in association management that have focused on customer service.  We use this knowledge and experience to guide our communities into the future.

Our Comprehensive Services include:

Detailed Financial Management

The Stonegate Property Management (SPM) team provides comprehensive financial management and reporting for each association, including the prompt invoicing and collection of homeowner assessments.  All accounts payable invoices are handled quickly and efficiently to assist in maintaining positive vendor relationships.  Because transparency is key to our business model, Board Members have complete access to all accounts payable documentation via the online community portal.  SPM will assist the Board in preparing the annual budget, including providing accurate and timely projections of income and expenses.  Financial reports are produced monthly and provided to all Board Members for review in a timely, error-free manner.

Association Board and Annual Meetings

The Stonegate Property Management (SPM) team will prepare for and attend Board meetings, including the community annual meeting.  SPM will ensure Board Members are prepared to make community decisions by providing complete agendas with supporting material and complete, accurate and timely minutes following the meeting.

Assessment Collection

Collection of homeowner assessments is essential for any Association to function smoothly and efficiently.  The Stonegate Property Management team will send out assessment bills in a timely fashion and follow the established community delinquency process for uncollected assessments, including working with Association legal counsel when necessary.

Competitive Bidding

Stonegate Property Management (SPM) has built strong relationships with an extensive list of local vendors.  SPM will work to obtain multiple bids from appropriate vendors for community projects.  All bids will be collected, analyzed, and presented to the Board for review and vendor selection.  SPM can provide guidance to Board Members during the selection process if desired.

CCR Enforcement/Compliance Inspection

Stonegate Property Management (SPM) conducts regular community site tours including monitoring CCR compliance.  SPM has a variety of technological tools to use while in the field conducting site tours to ensure actions taken are accurate and timely.  SPM staff collaborate with owners during the compliance process to promote community harmony as well as maintaining strong property values throughout the community.  When necessary, SPM staff will work with Association legal counsel on escalated compliance matters.

Architectural Improvement Review & Processing

Stonegate Property Management (SPM) has established an architectural review process to ensure that all applications are complete when submitted to the Board for the review and approval process.   SPM handles all communication with the homeowner during and following the architectural review process including notification of approval, conditional approval, or denial of the submitted application.  SPM maintains an electronic record of all improvement apps for a lot and for the community.

Vendor Oversight & Management

Stonegate Property Management (SPM) has built strong relationships with an extensive list of local vendors.   SPM works with the Board to ensure that the community is matched with vendors that provide excellent service at a reasonable cost within the budget.  SPM maintains a work order system for routine and emergency maintenance needs and ensures that all work orders are completed in a satisfactory manor prior to payment being made.  SPM ensures all vendors submit appropriate records, including tax information, liability insurance information, workers compensation insurance information and 1099 generation.  SPM provides vendor oversight and management on all projects and ensures that all work done within the community is completed according to the approved spec.

Professional Consulting

Stonegate Property Management (SPM) coordinates with appropriate professional contacts for issues requiring expertise beyond the normal management duties.  SPM will work with attorneys, insurance agents, accounting firms, and other similar service providers, as necessary.

Association Recordkeeping

Stonegate Property Management (SPM) has an excellent recordkeeping system in place.  SPM maintains hard copy files of appropriate documents for seven (7) years and keeps all electronic files for the length of time that the team works with the community.  SPM offers online portals to each community which enables homeowners and Board Members access to community documents, budgets, meeting minutes and other Association documents/communications.   SPM has a secure, cloud-based server that that is redundant and backed up regularly to ensure Association records are preserved and safeguarded from unauthorized access.

Portals, Website, App Management

Each community utilizing Stonegate Property Management’s services could activate a community portal or website for unparalleled transparency for board members and residents.  Communities with a portal or website have online access to account balance, community documents, community communications, and more.  Those communities with websites also have access to the SPM mobile app, allowing for on-the-go access to their Association account, including amenity reservations, account balance, community documents, compliance issues, architectural review and more.  All communities have access to make online payments through SPM’s third-party online payment vendor.

24/7/365 Emergency Management

Stonegate Property Management (SPM) has an emergency line which is manned by an SPM staff member.  Homeowners receive a rapid response to all true emergency situations.  For those calls that do not represent a true emergency, situation information is collected and addressed the next business day.